Privacy and Confidentiality

An explanation of how we physically and electronically protect your data is available on the Data Protection page.

Above and beyond the data protection, we want you to be assured of the Privacy and Confidentiality of your data. The questions and answers you provide while using and the online services we provide, will never be shared with anyone but you. Never with your employer or your boss. Your responses to the assessment are personal to you. We will not share them with anyone at anytime, ever.

In addition it is vitally important that you do not share the reports and recommendations we provide, with your employer or your manager. You should not challenge or confront your manager or employer as a result of the reports we provide.

We (Vantage Insight Ltd, the owners of accept no responsibility for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect and however caused (including through negligence) that you suffer in connection with using the site and reports. Nor do we accept responsibility for any such loss suffered as a result of your use of or reliance on any information contained on or accessed via the site or reports.