I'm a manager, what is this all about?

If you're a manager who values their staff then this is your chance to shine. If your employees use KeepTheBossFireTheBoss.com then they will accurately assess that you have the competencies of a good manager, a manager worth working for! This is your opportunity to shine.

Not all managers possess the full competencies of a good manager; perhaps you are new to your role and need time to acquire, develop and refine good management and leadership skills. If this is your case, then KeepTheBossFireTheBoss.com will highlight this to your employees, and our reports will explain that you, like everyone, need time to grow in the role and will highlight how the employee can actually help you as their manager.

Unfortunately there are managers who undervalue their staff, use dictatorial and authoritarian management styles which constrain employees from giving their best. Critically such managers are failing to achieve a maximum return on investment of the salary they pay their staff.

KeepTheBossFireTheBoss.com will identify any such bad management practice and help the employee improve their circumstances. In this situation our assessment will empower employees and give them the confidence they need to move on to a better employer.

How can I engage my staff?
If you want to turnaround a negative situation in your workplace and are serious about making a difference in your business by getting the best from your staff, then you can take advantage of our commercial business assessments at employee-intelligence.com.

You may also be a manager who reports to a superior manager. This is also your chance to determine if YOUR manager is worth keeping or firing. Make sure you take the assessment too!