The Job Site With Bite™ - About Us

Grab your career by the teeth
Ok - so you don't know which way to turn. Should you take the bit between your teeth and change job or not? We have the answer - NO!

What you need to do is grab your career with your teeth. We give you the Incisors to bite into your future and the Canines to rip it apart and start again. You need hard data to make an objective decision as to whether you should change job.

Typically, we either change job without due consideration or else feel paralysed with indecision because there are too many factors to consider. Typical factors you will contemplate include your manager, your employer, salary outlook, your experience, economic outlook etc. with an appropriate weighting and value given to each, then the number of possible combinations which can impact your decision to change job amounts to over 13,000 permutations! Is it any wonder we can be filled with indecision about changing jobs?

Don't just get another job - take control of your destiny.
Unlike other job sites, we aren't here to only tell you where to find another job, but we are here to help you make an objective assessment of where you are in your career, and the steps you need to take to fulfil your destiny.

We do this by reviewing the work situation you find yourself in and then present you with vacancies appropriate to fulfil your destiny. If our analysis determines that the time isn't quite right for you to change jobs at present, then we outline the steps you need to take to be able to manage and improve your situation.

The background behind the bite
At some point in your working life you may have been given the opportunity to contribute to an employee survey or 360 degree feedback of your manager. If you are also a manager you may have been the recipient of feedback as well as contributing to your own manager's feedback.

These types of surveys should be used to help you feel more engaged with and in control of your working life, to help you feel more a part of the business, and make your working life more fulfilling... However, some organisations may go through the motions of such surveys, but then fail to take account of the findings. They waste their time and importantly yours too...

There is also a large number of employers who fail to listen to their employees at all, either to their concerns or their creative contribution in terms of new ideas. They view employees as Human Resources rather than Human Beings. If your employer is one of these then you likely feel as though you work in a vacuum, unaware and unknowing if the job and manager you have is the best you can have, either in the same business or in another business.

We all report to someone, and this is where will help you. We will give you the information you need to determine if your boss is good or bad, whether to keep them or fire them, whether you should stay or leave your current employer and find a new job elsewhere. Importantly we will also tell you where to apply for a job and where vacancies are available, and ideally a position similar to the one you have now. If you have career aspirations, we will guide you on your next steps.