Take 3 minutes to find out if you should change job, and where to find one.

1. Enter you quick details (name, email, country)
2. Answer a quick set of questions about your manager
3. Answer a quick set of questions about your job.
4. Confirm your Industry & Salary expectations and receive your report.

That's it in a nutshell! We will then start to analyse your details and start generating your reports.
We'll indicate if you should Keep your Boss and develop your career, or Fire your Boss, and look for a better role in another company. We will also provide suggestions of vacancies you can apply for from our worldwide database containing 16 million vacancies.

And a little more detail for you...
Academic research has identified the key competencies that a manager should possess in order to get the best from their staff. We ask you to answer a brief set of questions that indicate which of these competencies your manager has and in what measure. We also ask a few questions about your skills and experience. We combine your answers and compare them against benchmarks. This will determine how good or bad your manager is. If they have poor competence we will also tell you if you have the skills and experience to find an alternative employer who will appreciate your contribution.

But it doesn't stop there!
Dealing with your manager is a first step in helping guide your career, but we don't stop there. Your working life and job satisfaction is impacted by other areas outside of your control, all of which hinder your ability to succeed in your career. We review these areas as part of ongoing analysis. We look out for you and your career. We're your personal guide to overcome everything from bad managers, to weak leaders, to poor employment policies. We enable you to answer that recurring question, "Should I stay or should I go?"